Working Papers

“The Lasting Legacy of Seasonal Influenza: In-utero Exposure and Labor Market Outcomes,” Jan 2018, CEPR Discussion Paper 12653, submitted

“Poorly Measured Confounders are More Useful on the Left Than on the Right,” accepted at Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, with Zhuan Pei and Jörn-Steffen Pischke

“Unlucky Cohorts: Earnings, Income, and Mortality Effects from Entering the Labor Market in a Recession,” revise and resubmit at Journal of Labor Economics, with Till von Wachter

“Mortality Inequality in Canada and the U.S.: Divergent or Convergent Trends?” NBER Working Paper 23514, revise and resubmit at Journal of Labor Economics, with Michael Baker and Janet Currie

Do People Seek to Maximize Their Subjective Well‐Being – And Fail? May 2016 (previous version: IZA DP No. 9450), with Marc Fleurbaey


“Wealth Shocks and Health Outcomes: Evidence from Stock Market Fluctuations,”  American Economic Journal: Applied Economics (forthcoming)

“Inequality in Mortality Decreased Among the Young While Increasing for Older Adults, 1990–2010,”
Science, May 2016, Vol. 352 (6286): 708-712, with Janet Currie.  >Media coverage, Note on 1990 Census population counts

– Commentary: “Hope for America’s Next Generation,” Science, May 2016, pp. 661-662, by Martha Bailey and Brenden Timpe.

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Practitioner Articles

“Why So Many of Us Experience a Midlife Crisis,” Harvard Business Review, April 2015. Lead story on on April 21. >Media coverage.

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